热爱设计 热爱生活

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华墨国际创始人 设计总监
Originator of HuaMo China International,design director
Senior architect interior design
Advanced display deserve to act the role of the designer


Shenzhen outstanding female designer, she has rich experience in interior design, adhere to the "return to eternal space aesthetics" design philosophy, has won the shenzhen "inati cup" example room design contest winners, etc, the main design works are: “deyang day yue wan", "minmetals all round blue mountain", etc.


She is a has unique insights of women designers to design aesthetics, elegant, steadfast, inside collect some bright and charming temperament, in the words often sends out a love for life and art. Always beautify the contribution for the space of his own professional knowledge, and through works convey to the people of a kind of life attitude, space such as life, is a place where a condensed emotional story!


So, she has been hard for interior design aesthetics, she hopes to create comfortable life environment for people, through the environment edify disposition people, set up a new way of life, let the family can only have visuals of living space, also on the quality to make people feel the taste, which in turn to gain great satisfaction in mind

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